Techcorp Holding (Pvt.) Limited is a relatively young and dynamic player in the corporate world of Pakistan. The company came into being in 1999 with a vision to participate in the development of the engineering sectors in Pakistan. In a developing economy like Pakistan that has been shorn by political strife, success is dependent more on the right opportunities. Such opportunities arise with the right conditions provided by a stable political system and the flowering of a market based economy. The changed political scenario and an economy that encourages private investment in infrastructure and major engineering works provided that long sought opportunity. Thus, Techcorp Holding was finally able to emerge as a visionary key engineering and contracting company in Pakistan in the late nineties.

Techcorp Holding is known today for its expertise in the following fields:

• Telecommunications construction works
• Tower fabrication works
• Electro-mechanical erection / installation works
• Civil construction works
Alternate Energy (Solar and Wind energy)

• Trading & Procurement Management

The group is now a respected major player in these fields having acquired major contracts in Pakistan. In recent years, Techcorp Holding acquired projects, some of which are currently under execution. Among other projects, the Company is especially proud of its work for the construction of infrastructure works and towers for Ufone / Nortel GSM mobile telephone network, Mobilink GSM network, Al-Warid Telecom GSM network (in Pakistan and Bangladesh), Grameenphone / Ericsson GSM network in Bangladesh, Etisalat GSM towers in UAE, the asphalt works on the Mansehra-Naran-Jalkhad Road and various civil works projects in Pakistan. We also performed civil works for the oilfield sector by working for MOL, and construction of a boat club and other facilities at the Manglaview Resort at Mangla for Maxcorp. The magnitude and variety of works speak clearly of Techcorp Holding's technical lead in tower manufacturing and erection, telecommunication infrastructure works and road construction.


(Left: Ufone 60m tower at Islamabad)


Since 2001, Techcorp has positioned itself to be able to execute projects in overseas markets as well. It has completed substantial work in Afghanistan, UAE, Bangladesh and other countries. The company built radio towers at Jalalabad, Kandahar and Asadabad and has been a major supplier of towers to the Afghan Wireless Communications. Other works in Afghanistan included the construction of cold stores and sourcing of large-scale construction materials to various major projects. During 2004, Techcorp won the contract with Etisalat in UAE for construction of GSM towers over two years. In addition, the company has done a feasibility study for a major commercial complex in Brunei.

Over the past couple of years, Techcorp has entered into the field of Solar and Wind energy through its affiliate company Emerging Energy Systems (Pvt) Ltd. The company is now able to offer complete solutions using alternate energy technologies. We now offer specialized solar energy solutions for the telecom industry for the BTS sites as well.

During 2005, Techcorp entered into a joint venture under the name of Asian Tower Company Limited, registered at Dhaka. This new venture has since taken up work with Ericsson Bangladesh for construction of BTS sites for the Grameen Phone expansion project. This operation has emerged into two different operations in Bangladesh – Asian Infrastructure Development Company Ltd. (AIDCL) for construction works and Pacific Towers Company Ltd (PTCL) for manufacturing of towers.

Techcorp has a branch office at the Sharjah International Airport Free Zone, while it also takes direct contracts through its affiliate Techcorp Contracting LLC which is registered as a local company at Ajman, UAE. The branch office has been operating at Sharjah since 2004.

The company established a representative office in Urumqi, Xinjiang Province of China during 2006 to cater to the greater demand for sourcing products from China and to expand its trading activities.


(Mobilink MSC building with 91m tower, Islamabad)

The company is able to leverage human resources trained in the state-of-the-art technology in its fields of involvement. Coupled with this, the company has invested in heavy equipment and tools that are required in construction and fabrication works. The company has its own fabrication and galvanization plants for the manufacture of towers in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Thus, the company is fully prepared to deliver to its clients with professional ease despite technical challenges.

Techcorp Holding is one of the companies of a financially sound group of technology companies, and is capable of sustaining the cash flow required for major works as demonstrated by the projects on-going. The prime operations of the group are in Islamabad, Pakistan with branch and site operations located in Karachi, Peshawar, Dhaka (Bangladesh), Sharjah (UAE) and Ajman (UAE). The tower fabrication works are located at Tarnol, near Islamabad. and at Savar (near Dhaka) in Bangladesh.

The group today comprises of the following component divisions:

1. Tower fabrication division
2. Telecom and Electro-Mechanical division
3. Civil construction division
4. Trading division
5. Subsidiary operations at SAIFZONE, Sharjah, UAE
6. Techcorp Contracting LLC at Ajman, AUE
7. Asian Infrastructure Development Company Ltd at Dhaka, Bangladesh
8. Pacific Towers Company Ltd (51% shareholding) at Dhaka, Bangladesh

Each of the divisions, subsdiaries or affiliates specializes in a specific field in order to achieve a level of excellence. The Civil Construction Division has specialized in the field of civil construction works, with a particular emphasis on roads and infrastructure works, building construction and renovation. The Telecom / Electro-Mechanical Division specializes in installation, erection and maintenance works for telecommunication works and in industrial & power plants. The Tower Fabrication Division has undertaken the fabrication, galvanizing and erection of self-supported towers up to heights of 120 meters. It has the capability to manufacture and install guyed towers as well. This segregation of activity has given us a focus that is the hallmark of success in each of the areas of our interest.

Techcorp is duly incorporated in Pakistan as a private limited company. It is licensed by the Pakistan Engineering Council as a “no limit” C-1 Contractor. It is also registered with the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The company is also certified under ISO9001:2000 certification. Likewise, Techcorp Contracting LLC is registered with the Ajman Municipality and with the Ajman Chamber of Commerce. Asian Infrastructure Development Company Ltd. is registered as a limited liability company with the Joint Stock Registrar in Bangladesh and also with the Dhaka Chamber of Commerce.

Led by a team of seasoned and dedicated professionals with a quality conscious approach to work, the Group of companies enjoys a good reputation with its customers and competitors.